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I am Moira a self-taught chef and kitchen is my home.  I grew up in a traditional Zimbabwean household were our meals resonate around basic seasoning.  My background molded the chef that I am today. In true culinary, there are a few rules and tricks to  abide by that makes dishes spectacular but I have not let that hinder experimental conquests that have birthed amazing discoveries and dishes.

Moira Mawuru is a Business Finance professional and an impeccable self-taught chef.  She is driven by an inbred passion for cooking and discovering herself in the kitchen.

Moira loves travelling and infusing her recipes with different cultures from around the world.  She is a Zimbabwean based in the United Kingdom, Buckinghamshire. Find out more about her recent and exciting recipes on her Facebook Blog, Mo’s Kitchen

Our Core Values

Passion: I am driven by my passion. A Passion is an intense conviction about something. My conviction is that food should taste good.

My food is genuine, funny thing is that people can tell when you are not being genuine and passionate, when you taste my food you will experience the passion attached to my food.

Excellence: When I think of the highest standard available, I think of Mo’s Kitchen Diaries. Excellence is the highest standard. When it comes to food. I believe in excellence.

There is no room for mediocrity in my kitchen and recipes.

Creativity: I always say, try out something new. Find out what other new thing you can do. As good as routine is, you must never bury your creativity. The Kitchen is the best place to try out new and creative dishes that you have never tried out. At Mo’s Kitchen I believe in creatively expressing ourselves.

Featured Recipes

Classic potato salad and pan fried sea bass

Crispy conflakes breaded chicken

Mini pizza for dinner

Services offered

  • Personal chef hiring including grocery shopping, and meal planning.
  • Cooking lessons
  • Cake pops for different occasions
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