Dark Chocolate Chippers for a Chirpy Day

If you can’t change the world with chocolate chip cookies, how can you change the world?! Nothing brightens up a day like some warm chocolate chippers and a glass of milk. Why have store-bought chocolate chip cookies when you can make them yourself? I had this epiphany because I enjoy making them and not to mention, they are so easy to make. My girls enjoy baking them while I sit back and relax. I usually have them as an entertaining treat for my guests because they are homey and welcoming.

My recipe is a mildly adapted version of the original Tollhouse method but still carrying its simple taste for home. Growing up we enjoyed every other biscuit but the chocolate chip cookie as it was considered a high-end confectionery treat. Having a packed cookie jar is compensation for that missing part of the puzzle in my childhood. I wouldn’t say the same for my girls because they sure will make a fresh batch at every given opportunity. I have to keep an eye on their sugar intake for moderation but even I cannot resist them! While I would like to make gift bags of cookies for my guests, be sure to know that at every family cookout we are bringing the scrumptious dark chocolate chip cookies.

I always smile at the thought of being that grandmother perched on a rocking chair with a cuppa tea and a plate of cookies. I want my recipes passed on from one generation to another and have the dark chocolate chip cookie as a gesture of love. Cookies make everyone happy so why not spread the joy and provide comfort to the stomachs of many? They also make a great cheat snack for those following healthy diets. The dark chocolate is really the girl that she thinks she is. The fact that anyone can follow this recipe and come out with the perfect batch is what makes the dark chocolate chippy so impressive. As it marriages well with a tall glass of milk, Santa will definitely come back twice for your mantlepiece.

Making chocolate chip cookies can be a bonding activity with your partner, kids or friends. Who can say no to a warm freshly baked batch of dark chocolate chippy? Fill up that glass of milk on the side and that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Download the recipe in the link below

Dark Chocolate Chippers for a Chirpy Day



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