The Classic Ginger Cake

What is Christmas without the good old classic ginger cake? There is something about the festive season that marries well with the ginger cake. The warm spicy aroma and homey quality complete the celebratory ambience of Christmas. In my experience, it has been one of the easiest cake to make, with simple techniques that give a dense, moist and fragrant cake.
The ginger cake has a long history from medieval England as one of the commonly made cake. It graced the flamboyant tables of British homes and attached itself as a part of English festive culture. Furthermore finding its place in the biscuit tin and becoming a welcoming gesture that is accompanied by the copious amount of tea. I love to use treacle but molasses syrup can be an alternative, giving the rich, sticky but interesting texture. I also prefer ground ginger as opposed to chunks of ginger. In making the ginger cake experience flawless and enjoyable, avoid using ginger chunks. There nothing as displeasing as chewing a large piece of ginger ensuing an overpowering ginger flavour. A teaspoon of cinnamon makes it a true Anglo-Saxon ginger cake. The mixture of spice brings out a fierce zing and flavourful cake.
My cooking is influenced by my childhood, travels and life experience. Mo’s Kitchen is a plethora of variety of recipes and cooking practices adopted from different cultures. It a place that takes you home from wherever you are in the world. I have embraced the classic ginger cake as part of my culinary exploits. Living in England, I have assimilated several recipes that are key elements to the English traditions. The ginger cake is cosy and warm; perfect for the cold winter nights along with a cuppa tea and sometimes on a one festive night some eggnog.
This beautiful sugary but hot treat does not only conform to Christmas festivities but any other day, the ginger cake is a convivial delight. I cannot promise you that when your kitchen is filled with a spicy ginger aroma you will have to fight the urge to sing, deck the halls with boughs of holly, falalalala lalala! It simply brings good cheer in your home.

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