Hearty Coconut Beef Stew

The thought of tender well-cooked large pieces of beef soaked in a thick buttery soup and slowly cooked to infuse all the flavours together: triggers the salivary glands. It is absolutely delicious and the beautiful whiff of spices put together brings you home. Beef stew is the beacon of meaty enjoyment in every African kitchen. The South Africans will scream, ‘’the perfect sishebo!”(The perfect stew). A famous relish across the world that goes well with any starch, bread, mashed potatoes, rice, macaroni, samp, sadza and spaghetti. It is a velvety and savoury stew with one spoonful that will have you doing the tootsie roll. This rich beef stew is slow-cooked for a deep and rich flavour and the secret ingredient is not as clandestine as it is part of the name. Coconut milk stirred in at the end lends the stew an appealing and smooth rich finish.

It is a warm, tasty and cosy stew permeated with garlic, cinnamon, paprika, cumin and parsley. Growing up beef stew was an alternate to roast chicken and bi-weekly anticipation. Although it was commonly curried, (every Zimbabwean home has Rajah Indian curry) the custom of stewed beef is a rich heritage of mine. It is cost-effective to buy commercial beef and create a stew. I love to make a lot of it and freeze it for future consummation. My family gets excited as the beautiful fragrance saturates throughout the house. It is an undeniable comfort meal!

The hint of coconut is something that you will remember for a very long time. On a lazy day, the coconut beef stew is perfect to make as you let it simmer why you lounge around in your home. It might not be the traditional curry beef stew but with cinnamon, cumin and coconut milk it transcends into a parallel universe of wonderful creamy and aromatic goodness. The meat is well cooked, tender, and chewy. The fact that is marries well with anything? It is my go-to relish. Try it and enjoy!

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Hearty Coconut Beef Stew


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